I Got The Powa!

I can’t believe that it has come to this; I am practically forced to register a blogger account for the sake of being able to comment on the other blogs! Most bloggers simply refuse “anonymous” comments. What they fail to realize is that even registered bloggers can be anonymous to some extent. It doesn’t matter now since nothing stands in my way of speaking my mind anymore. Let the commenting begin.


9 thoughts on “I Got The Powa!

  1. Thanks and that is correct; there were so many posts I wanted to comment on including your own but I never had the chance until just recently.

  2. عبيد
    و الله فقدت تعليقاتك
    مبروك البلوق و ان شالله تتحفنا بالمواضيع الحلوة

  3. Coooooool blog :}

    I browsed it in a rush coz am sleeeeeeeeepy but will visite it more ESPCIALLY that i found some really good material in it {:

    keep up the good work & thanx a lot for having me on ur list

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