Watani Online Compliant

The National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) has yet to update it’s online banking system to support various web browsers. Their Watani Online service, to this day, can only be accessed using Microsoft’s outdated Internet Explorer. I’ve contacted NBK about this back in January to which they replied:

Dear Customer,
Please be advised that at this point, WOL is only supported by Internet Explorer. We are assessing other browsers, mainly Firefox/Mozilla however it will be a while before WOL will be compatible with this browser. We are sorry for the inconvenience and recommend you use I.E. for the time being.

To put things in prospective, Burgan Bank, Gulf Bank, and The Commercial Bank of Kuwait all seem to work fine with the increasingly popular Firefox. You would expect better from “the best bank in the Middle East” by now.


5 thoughts on “Watani Online Compliant

  1. I know it does but that’s not an excuse. What about Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, Safari, Camino. Not to mention Linux and some pocket PCs.

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