This Week’s Weather Forecast

The weather seems pleasant with plenty of sunshine and ultraviolet radiation for all your skin-burning needs as we head on towards August. Luckily temperatures will remain at roughly 50º C for quite a while with absolute clear skies. Slight chance of dusty winds here and there but mostly dehydrating atmosphere throughout the week. This is the best time of year to treat yourself with lots of ice-cream and if you plan on going out, we recommend keeping spare underclothing nearby to avoid sweaty situations. Well that’s all, thank you and be sure to stay safe/alive.


14 thoughts on “This Week’s Weather Forecast

  1. 2 days ago I had a photo shoot outside at 9AM. By 930 my cloths were literally wet. I had to go home change then come back to the office. May God be with us in teh summer

  2. ehhhh i luv it !!
    i say this in my own free will.. and no i dont drink and i am not on any medications..

    i luv the burning sensation .. i luv the heat wave u get when u first get into your car .. i stay still to make sure i absorb all the heat..

    ehhhhhhh heaven .. or hell i just luv it :D

  3. Sloth,
    you is crazy.

    How do you feel about David Lynch? (if you’re gonna say negative things, don’t say ’em at all, cause 3adi i hunt you down and hurt you)
    Anyway, point is, he does this brilliantly creepy weather report on his website every morning. And, uh, yeah. That’s all I have to say.

    I’m just excited you’re blogging!


  4. “H a ha ahhahahaha Haaaa HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH ahahahahhahahahahahahahah !!” in a very evil evil evil way.

    It’s cool, and it was raining in my part of the world…Haaaa haaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hahahahha!

  5. my family is on travel
    my friends as wel
    im doing 10 hours straight of work, leaving just in time to avoid the 50C rule of thump.

    may god help us all in this time :D

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