Al-Rihab Complex

The Rihab Complex (Mujama3 Al-Ri7ab) in Hawalli was quite busy last Friday. I was glad to find an increasing number of people getting involved with anime videos, japanese merchandise as well as videogames. In case you didn’t know, Rihab is one of the most, if not the most, popular place in Kuwait for all sorts of console games and anime-related material. When I got there, I heard people talk nonstop about nothing but Naruto. In fact, one of the retailers there, even ran a Naruto fighting tournament on their GameCube and gave away some prizes! As far as I can remember, the last time a hype grew this big was when we had Pokémon, but luckily Naruto is much more interesting :P


11 thoughts on “Al-Rihab Complex

  1. I’m not concerned about Naruto at the moment, I was simply pleased to see the stores full. I’ve seen many good stores shutdown in the past simply because not enough people were interested even though I truly believe that the market is growing, albeit slowly. Heck, even the Virgin Megastore is trying to get Lupin (not quite popular) off its shelves!

  2. Yeah, Mujama3 Ri7ab is THE place, I guess. Not that am involved with all this anime and game business. I just happen to know because I have brothers.

  3. 3baid
    what would u recommend? i remember watching an anime movie, something with “black” in the title (about physical enhancement for the body?)
    i liked it because it was a “story” without fighting in space

    am game for anything without robots.. anything 7aji? :)

  4. You’re not specific enough; there are so many non-fighting anime. Take a look at Miyazaki‘s work. Just to give you an idea, his stories are very creative and often difficult to understand but so good that one of his movies, Spirited Away was even licened by Disney! My personal favorite though, would be Princess Mononoke.

  5. I can proudly say that I’m a fan of anime.
    Until recently of course, with college stuff, I barely have time to obtain a decent social life.

    But seriously… Naruto sucks!!
    I can’t understand what’s so nice or good about it.
    all the girls (even kuwaiti ones) keep going like “SUSKE-POO!!!” or whatever his name is…. Is it the one with the navey hair?

    Eww, man…

    Honestly… I’d go for “GO PIKACHU!/GOTTA CATCH’EM ALL” anytime, anyday.

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    • If you’re on the 4th Ring Road turning into Hawalli (leaving Jabriya behind you), continue heading straight. It’s the building to your right before the traffic light crossing.

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