Where’s My Popcorn?

I watched Moster-In-Law last night. I know that it’s old, but there was nothing better to do. Not too surprising was the fact that the theater consisted mostly of couples and I couldn’t help but hear the ladies exclaim, “weee” and “umbaaay!” throughout the movie. More annoying however was the loud-snoring fellow who sat two seats away in front of me. His friend let him sleep through half of the film and only woke him up when the lights lit up again!

My thoughts on the movie? A little over the top; it’s the kind of movie that would prevent people from getting married (3ad a7na moo nag9een!). Unfortunately, Jennifer Lopez obviously couldn’t act, nor deliver the right expressions properly. If you have a chance to see it, watch how horribly she tries to look “sleepy”. Apart from that, Jane Fonda did a pretty good job of being the evil character.


11 thoughts on “Where’s My Popcorn?

  1. Jane Fonda was hilarious! J-Lo was pretty and all, but I must say, she sucks as an actress. I would stick to singing if I were her. It’s just not her “thing”!

  2. “Weeeeeeee” and “umbaaaay” give me shivers up and down my spine…espcially when said in loud high pitched voices…

  3. PS: did anyone else excerxise to Jane Fonda’s aerobics videos from the 80s? She used to have big puffy hair :o)

  4. I don’t think there is much to add after all these comments…so ill just say hi :) and oh cimena pop corn is baaaaaaaaaaad, they smell funny

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