Birthdays and Boredom

Many bloggers seem to be celebrating their birthday this month. Send your best wishes to Babbler, Q80-Chill Girl as well as Mark’s Brother if you haven’t yet done so. You can also look forward to Swair‘s birthday on the 12th; a date I won’t possibly forget because she happens to be exactly one day older than myself!

Well, I’m off to buy some food for mister Kitty, and while I’m there, I need get myself some chocolate. In the meantime, if you’re still bored, I recommend going through some of Sinfest‘s humorous comics; they always keep me busy at least.


7 thoughts on “Birthdays and Boredom

  1. Sinfest’s @!@


    there is some one other than mee that follows them :D:D:D wnasa :D

    its nice to know that other ppl share the same intrests :}

    ,, thnx for the link dear :} appreciate it verrrrry much

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