Arabic iTunes Music Store

Apple launched its Japanese iTunes Music Store last week. I had the chance to go through some of their tracks and it was interesting to find Detective Conan Soundtrack and Sonic Drive in there. What I found particularly strange though was the fact that “Amr Diab” is listed under their Pop catagory! Since when do the Japanese listen to Amr Diab? Even though I’m not exactly a big fan of arabic music, I was disappointed when I found out that there weren’t any of his songs listed. Maybe this is a sign that sometime in the future Apple might consider launching an Arabic Store. Wouldn’t that be great?

Bah, who am I kidding.


5 thoughts on “Arabic iTunes Music Store

  1. Hehehe that would be great but its never gona happen ma yi3tarfon fena. There are so many Arabs and in tests like the SAT we are considered others! They don’t even bother to put ARAB! To them we just simply do not exist and they wish to ignore us ma3ana half their profits are from the arabs!

  2. half of apple’s profits are from arabs??? are u serious?!

    this explains why 90% of ALL arab music audios and videos use WINDOWS-ONLY real player format.

    supply and demand.

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