Grandparent talk

I visit my grandmother every Thursday and talking with her makes me realize how much the Kuwaiti language has changed over the past years. In all her sentences, everything becomes small: “Ishrablik ichwayha o ikillik burda’3ailah wi’7ithlik i’3waifah…”. In case you didn’t get that, it means drink some tea, have some orange and take a nap.

That’s not all though, she also uses old phrases like “7marat il gaylah” which was explained to me during my childhood as a scary woman who stole children in the afternoon! The memorable one though would have to be, “itha yach il 6arish, yawdeeh” which means, “grab hold of the messenger when he/she arrives”. It was a way of getting rid of children by asking them to go and send this message to their parents/adult, who in turn would occupy them.

I’m sure there were lots more, but I can’t remember any of them at the moment. Do you know any? Do your grandparents speak funny?


15 thoughts on “Grandparent talk

  1. Ok, I just got a funny image of the granny in your pic saying “ishrablik ichwayha”. :P

    I like the way grandma’s talk. It’s so interesting. My grandma calls salad “zala-6a”. Cute non? :)

  2. i miss my grandmother :( may she rest in peace, as for the scary woman i told the story to my husband a few months ago i said “it’s like the boggy man but we call her the afternoon donkey” LOOL he loved the name

  3. Nice post! My grandma always says “nai” instead of na like istanasna she’ll say istanisaina..the quotes are endless and they’re really interesting you can learn a lot from them, I read a book full or arabic quotes awhile ago and it was really can always think of a situation to use this quote even the random ones! :)

  4. I’m sure there are a few blog-readres who’s grandparents have passed away. I’m sorry if I’ve brought back depressing memories to anyone.

    Thanks NWMH!

    Interesting, M :P

    I wonder if we’ll be talking funny in the future :/

  5. “Talking funny in the future”.. My friend and I asked the same question a while back. :P But I don’t think we will. I think it’s a generation thing. I guess the way they speak was like that while they grew up.

  6. Yeah I GOT ONE!

    “khara ib dignik”

    That’s funny it sounds WORSE than what it really is. But I won’t tell you guys what it means… Use your imagination.

  7. i love the way my granma’s talk, shes so sweet. specially when she says “yalwakee7”
    my grandma says “krestan” instead of “crystal”
    and what i like most is when she says ” ya7ebeelha” ! thats my favorite word.
    she also thinks that what matters most in school life is to pass not having the ability to understand that there are levels of pass so she goes like “mashalla um faisal enja7aw e3yalha hasenah KELHUM” ;s
    “3asa neja7taw?”
    i do agree it has changed alot. and i feel the old kuwaiti dialect was much cooler than the one we’re using now adays.7asafah =(

  8. We are so going to talk funny lana the jeel ili 3ogobna isn’t going to use the words we use and our dialect is going to be weird..shari3 i7ob..gaz..im9arga3..all these words min wain im6al3enha?

  9. i donno any from my dads side because they died before i was born but they where bedu lol so i imagine there where a few, my mum who is english is funny sometimes she has a northern accent so its like ‘aye wut a sweet wee lass she is aye ‘ thats like ahh what a sweet young girl she is lol


  10. well my grandma’s are both saudi.. and have the thickest saudi accents i’ve ever heard. So it’s moyah and weesho all the way baby! Then again i’m famous for my badliyat…

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