MP3 shades

Remember the MP3 earings? Well now Oakley’s offering MP3 sunglasses called, “Thump”. Even though they only hold less than half of Sony’s memory capacity and battery life, they come in three or four different colors! Their website fails to mention anything about the play/pause controls and I can’t make anything out from the picture, but what the heck. There’s just no telling what’s next.


10 thoughts on “MP3 shades

  1. Ewwww… I hate them and I think its a STUPID idea…. But I’m a very cynical and skeptical person.. So don’t mind me LOL…

    I’m bored.

  2. LOL Mark! I didn’t know that, I just happened to stumble on a webpage yesterday. I can’t keep up with engadget’s info :/

  3. 3biad: i’m color blind,, and ur keepin me retyping those “Word Verification” to comment,, why uve added it?? to make my life hard :P

  4. Sorry Blasha, I had to. I kept getting those “come visit my blog comments” from spammers so I turned this feature on. I despise spam in all it’s forms. :/

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