Blog of the Week

My blog has just been awarded the, “Blog of the Week” by the colorful Miss Q80-Chill Girl. I can’t thank her enough for her wonderful post and her impressively detailed blog reviews; I really appreciate it :)

I never intended to start a blog, and even after I did, I didn’t expect to make much out of it. But now I’m glad to find that bloggers seem to be enjoying it and that’s what’s keeping me motivated. To celebrate this occasion and keep things slightly interesting, I’m going to add a chat box to make it’s easier for anyone to contact me. I’m also going to start keeping track of Apple fans/users on the side. Keep on Blogging everyone!


9 thoughts on “Blog of the Week

  1. مبروك عبيد على التكريم و انشاء الله تستاهل اكثر من جذي بعد


  2. testahelha wallah… she made the right choice :]

    and I agree with Judy Abbott lol I hate to see a cat mqam9a :I you should clean her face with a wet napkin or something… nonetheless, she looks sooo adorable in this shot :D

  3. Thanks all!

    Sorry about the cat, these pictures are very early. I give him regular baths and brush his fur whenever I have the time.

    Blasha, is it really that hard for you? :/

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