The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

I’m not the type of guy who hangs around cafés. As much as I enjoy the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, I find its flavor too bitter for my taste. Whether you’re a coffee person or not, I’m sure you’ve come across the famous brands such as Costa, Second Cup, and the world famous Starbucks. A less popular café would be The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf or just “Coffee Bean” for short. As far as I am aware, they only have two branches in Kuwait but plan on expanding. I’m not going to list all their kinds of coffee, tea herbs or bean blends since that would take forever, but here’s some of what they offer on their menu besides drinks, cake and muffins. :P


  • Sandwiches (approx. 1.300 KD)
    • Farmer’s Egg
      Cheese & Tomato
      Chipotle Roast Chicken
      Chef’s Tuna
      Smoked Norwegian Salmon
  • Salads (approx. 1.200 KD)
    • Caesar Salad (with Chiken or Salmon)
      Chinese Chicken Salad
      Spicy Chicken Pasta Salad
      Chef’s Tuna
  • Pasta (approx. 1.250 KD)
    • Tomato & Herb Fusilli
      Spicy Tuna Fusilli
      Roast Chicken & Mushroom Fusilli
      Creamy Mushroom Fusilli

    5 thoughts on “The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

    1. For non-coffee people, Starbucks only offers hot chocolate, tea and a few sandwiches but this place has salads and pasta :]

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