Craig David – The Story Goes

The UK’s number one R&B solo artist, Craig David has released his latest album this week entitled, The Story Goes. Thankfully, his album still holds onto his original style avoiding all the new-age/pop racket. If you’re using iTunes, click here to listen to some of some of his music samples.


11 thoughts on “Craig David – The Story Goes

  1. Allaa I didn’t know that I used to love his songs but I haven’t listened to him in awhile. If the album’s really nice you got to tell me : )

  2. i only like fast cars and spanish, baji his songs ay shai, 6ab3an i aint talkin about the first album kan wayed wayed a7la min elthani

  3. I totally agree with you Blasha! The first album is so much better than the second. That’s why I was glad this new one is more like his first rather than the second.

  4. Off topic: Hey 3baid! :) Agool, tara I just deleted my last post that you commented on. I changed my mind about posting it. And I just wanna apologize to you because you commented. Sorry! And Allah ybarik ib 3omrik! ;)

  5. One week till i get to Kuwait and finally get my hands on his new album. He wasnt much of a success over here in the US and its pretty difficult to get his albums over here.

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