Aramex US Mailbox Service

Have you ever shopped online? One of the best websites is Amazon which sells a huge variety of products. It is especially famous here in Kuwait for offering DVDs and books that are usually unavailable or too expensive in our local stores. However, if you’ve ever attempted to buy an electronic device or some clothing, you would have encountered one of their annoying error messages: Amazon does not ship these items outside the US.

Luckily Aramex has a service called, Shop&Ship which tackles this very problem. Basically, they will provide you with a US mailbox which automatically forwards anything you buy to your address in Kuwait within 4 to 5 days. All you have to do, is register a mailbox for a one-time fee of 10.750 KD and your shipments are charged on a per-kilo basis. The first kilogram will cost you 2.700 KD and any additional kilos add 1.750 KD.

What you can’t ship:

  • Perfume, pressured cans, highly flammable materials.
  • Liquids, drugs, food, jewelry, gold, fishing equipment, batteries, bottles, alcohol.
  • Animals, plants (including flowers) or ammunition.
  • DVDs that contain explicit material, violence, or are related to religion.
  • Toshiba, Panasonic, Sony, and Compaq electronics are prohibited by their local authorized resellers.

If you shipment is has a volume greater than one cubic meter or weighs more than 30 kilos it will be caught by Kuwait’s customs and you’ll have to pay an additional 5% fee.

Note: You are also expected to pay for any junk mail that might accumulate in your mailbox. You can prevent receiving junk mail by paying an annual fee of 5 KD.

Aramex International Courier
Cement House Building
Shuhada Street, Al Sawaber
GF Operation & Mezzanine Floor

Telephone: (965) 446400


15 thoughts on “Aramex US Mailbox Service

  1. don’t u just love Aramex? I’ve had my mailbox since 2001…

    btw, they do ship drugs, food and jewelry.. 3an tajroba :p so far everything I ordered we9al o ma te9adar…

    you also forgot to mention that they can also provide a free UK mailbox…

    very helpful post, keep them coming :D

  2. Puss,
    I’ve been wanting to purchase some makeup from Sephora forever, but was afraid it wouldn’t come in through Aramex. You think I should give it a go?


  3. Yeah sure go ahead, although I wouldn’t order them now if I were you web hal 7ar ra7 yekhtereb el make-up… so better wait lain yabred el jow shway…

  4. PIB, I’ve known about for a long time but I didn’t think I needed it until recently. Thanks for reminding me about the UK mailbox as well :)

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  6. I am glad so far its all pros concerning the Shop and Ship service… anyway if you have any questions I am here just tell me what it is??

    By the way the new Aramex number is 820011….

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  8. Could anyone tell me HOW TO STOP JUNK MAIL!!

    sry for yelling but the delivery guy keeps showing up with packages i didn’t order.

    and when i called aramex they said you should not pay for it unless you purchased it .. “Yemkin mwa9leenha bel ‘3l6 ;s”
    please if anyone knows of such service let me know..

  9. Great feed bro!! I am definitely going to benefit from it immensely. Thanks a trillion for sharing the info!!

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