Desk Setup

I’ve recently received my 20″ iMac G5 from Aramex and since then, I can’t stay away from it. It cost me roughly 600 KD (shipping included) and I’ve saved around 160 KD had I purchased it at any of the local resellers. Mighty Mouse works great too :]


17 thoughts on “Desk Setup

  1. mabrook 3baid… by the way an apple store is opening up soon ib shuwaikh… supposedly with better prices and its supposedly big…. check it out.

  2. Yay!! Mabrook!!!

    3o2bali ya rab!! lool

    Btw, you’ve got the wrong blog linked up to my name in your Blog list…you’ve got the “blonde and brunette” blog instead of the “thinking out loud” blog :D

    Just thought i’d let you know :D

    Mabrook again 3ala the super cool gadgets! ;)

  3. I tried registering with Aramex online but it didn’t work. Actually it gave me a user name and password but i couldn’t find the blood page in which you have to actually pay for the service.

    Did u apply for it at their branch in Kuwait or online?

    Oh and you know when u order stuff online u also have to put in a phone number so they can contact you if there’s problem with the shipping. Does aramex provide u with a number or did u use ur local Kuwaity number?

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