Tagged Again by Blasha

Last book you read: My friend’s World of Warcraft Player’s Guide
Last phone number you called: A friend of mine
Last show you watched on TV: 24
Last thing you had to drink: Sprite (came with the Big Mac)
Last thing you ate: Mc Fries
Last time you cried: Don’t remember
Last time you smiled: Yesterday
Last person you hugged: Cousin
Last person you talked to on the phone: The friend I called ba3ad mino?
Last thing you smelled: My cat.
Last CD that you bought: Do blank CDs count?
Last song you sang: Craig David’s
Last thing you laughed at: My cat chasing his tail
What’s in your cd player/changer: Sha’7bari CD player!
What time did you wake up today: 11 PM (I know.. :/)
Current favorite article of clothing: Jeans I guess. I hate clothes in general.
Favorite place to be: Anywhere with a bed and internet access :)
Least favorite place: Hospitals
Do you believe in an afterlife? Yes.
In Heaven or Hell: Both.
How tall are you: I don’t measure.
Current favorite word: Blog? :P
Favorite Book: Don’t read any.
Random lyric: “Time passes by, for more than a lifetime…”
If I could be doing anything right now, i would be: Making money :P
Are you a daredevil? Nope
Have you ever told a secret you swore you’d never tell? No I tend to forget them.
Do looks matter? My looks? Nope
How do you release your anger? Blocking everything that’s angering me out from my mind.
My second home is: The internet?
One thing i have that i wish i didn’t is: Can’t tell.
All you need is: to be smart again.
Something I want but I don’t really need is: iPod dock
Something I need but I don’t really want is: My sanity.

*do you…*

drink? No.
have a boyfriend/girlfriend? No
have a dream that keeps coming back? No, I rarely dream.
believe there is life on other planets? Maybe on other solar systems.
read the newspaper? Just look at pictures sometimes.
consider yourself tolerant of others? VERY.
consider police a friend or foe? People with boring jobs.


7 thoughts on “Tagged Again by Blasha

  1. “I hate clothes in general.”

    So if it were up to you, you’d walk around stark naked?! (lol, i just had to say that btw :p, don’t hate me! hehehe)

    I don’t like Hospitals either, they freak the hell out of me!! And the smell..THE SMELL! urgh…

    Cool answers ;)

  2. 1. What do cats smell like? :/ Reading your answer gave me an image of cat hair being inhaled into my lungs. Ew. (Sorry about that! Ashkara I don’t like cats).

    2. I thought CD player/changer was refering to a stereo, hence my answer on my tag! Hmm.

    3. Maybe you should boycott clothes and go with the nude look. Am sure ppl will follow your foot steps! :P It would be dressing 3baid-style.

    4. “Something I need but I don’t really want is: My sanity.” Nice answer! ;)

  3. Symbols :P
    Yes the smell of hospitals makes me go insane. @_@

    I smelled my cat to know if he needed to be washed, I didn’t stick his fur into my nose :P

    ..and thank you :)

  4. mother courage, I felt like I’ve lost my touch went it comes to learning ever since I left high school. I’m not sure why though, I just find it harder to understand things now and it takes me longer to memorize stuff.

  5. 3baid i’ve experienced that too back in college ;p … but u know wut ur not “less” smarter, ur just distrackted by other things , ya3ny u got urself other “intrests” . focus ! and study harder since this is not high school anymore ;p
    thats all wut u need.

    ambeeeh !! i sound like my mom “FREAKY”

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