More iPods

Apple just announced a new iPod called “nano”. It’s slightly thinner than a pencil, holds up to 4 GB, has a color screen and lasts for 14 hours of music playtime.

Wow, these iPods just keep getting better and better, check out it’s tech specs here

2 thoughts on “More iPods

  1. you know, i was jus lookin at it, made me hate maself for a while, then tought, fuck it,, mini is cuter, this one is tall n thin n UGLY, ya it’s ugly, the coolest thing about it is the colored screen, big deal, it’s an ipod, we listen to music not starin at it :)

    i HATE it

  2. Oh God, I just bought a mini and now they come up with this an dI’m sooooo tempted to buy it..color screen..YUMMY!!

    Thanks for the info, didn’t know about it : )

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