MTC subscribers get a second phone number!

Do you want people to call you without knowning your real phone number? Well MTC has just the service for you! Simply call 2257777 and listen to the funny man who will read out a menu. Press 1 to register and you can assign yourself (or be assigned) a code.

If I recall correctly from the microscopic manual I received, this code will allow you to receive phone calls from other registered people. Basically, to be contacted by someone, all they need to do is dial 2257777pXXXXXX, where Xs are your 6 digit code. From now on, that number will be called your, “second number”. All incoming calls are free, however calling someone one their “second number” will cost you 99 fils/min!

I hope that many of our well-behaved Kuwaiti youth put this service into good use. Don’t bother looking at the MTC website about this topic because, for some reason or another, they failed to mention it.

Note: MTC Bahrain‘s website looks so much neater than Kuwait’s!


10 thoughts on “MTC subscribers get a second phone number!

  1. I had to read the post twice to understand what it actually does..guess I’m tired..its cool except that the other person HAS to be registered and I’m not sure why I would need that for..but its good info thanks again : )

    You always have useful info! Wow : )

  2. My apologies, I had to rush this post. MTC’s service doesn’t make sense at all, I still can’t think of a significant advantage. If I gave away my “second number”, nobody would use it because calls to that number will cost you more.

  3. samewise, i read the 2nd paragraph twice.. and i cant see the advantage of the ‘service’

    and wtf is up with 99fils per minute lol, mn meta sarat as3ar eldeera nfs el uk

  4. So, basically the service is exclusive to MTC customers only; Both callers and callee’s.

    It can be useful for those who are in business. Erm, sorry that would rather hurt their business, since it’s too expensive to call them!

    I can see it :: wa7ed yeraqem. The girl calls. He no like girl. Change 2nd number. Next girl!

    But 99 fils/min is a bit exaggerated I say, specially when it’s accounted on the caller! That doesn’t make sense. They should charge the one being called.

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