The Nintendo Revolution Controller

Nintendo has revealed its next-generation controller which resembles a regular remote control. Designed with simplicity in mind, the company is hoping to break the psychological barriers that have prevented non-gamers from picking up any kind of gaming gadget. Aside from its friendly common shape, some of its unique features include 3D pointing, tilt sensitivity and the ability to switch the console on or off.

You can download a teaser video from IGN to get a small dose of its massive gaming potential.


8 thoughts on “The Nintendo Revolution Controller

  1. “and the ability to turn the console on or off”

    Wow, that’s a new trend! They better patent that before someone claims it.

    Seriously though, the only console that is worth the money is the upcoming PS3, with their new architecture, it will blast into blazing speeds -> The GFX will keep you shocked!

    The processor Sony is using is a joint of IBM, Sony & another company.

    Unfortunately, for those who have a thing for copied games, they won’t be able to lay their hands on any because the new disks use the Blue-Ray technology.

  2. 3baid, @@ WHAT! OLD SCHOOL! WOHOO!

    Now I love that babe :p

    I’m sick of emulating all the game roms and NOT having the old control hand (although some dude was able to connect the old nintendo control hand to the PC and use it).

    Will the old school games be built-in? available in a bundle? or each sold seperately?

  3. Some first-party games will be completely free, some will be available as bonuses when you buy certain games and others you can unlock when finishing games and others you can buy online and download straight to your console but no pricing has been announce yet.

  4. While I maybe the biggest Nintendo fan that ever existed (yes, I’m aware that I’m hugging an xbox in the picture-but the cube’s too small to hug!) I will always question their too “out of the box” approach to gaming; they make the best 1st party titles HANDS DOWN, but they’re too busy trying out new stuff and attracting “non-gamers” that they’re beginning to lose what should be their target population: gamers! Now I may live and breathe Nintendo but not everyone’s that patient; and a little tip, most non-gamers are non-gamers because they think it’s too childish, so Nintendo if you want to attract them you know all you have to do is cut out the cute act! Don’t get me wrong, I still love my DS to death, will never let my cube gather dust and will be first in line when the revolution comes out, and I gotta admit I’m kind of curious as to how the remote will replace a regular pad. Sorry about all the venting, but it was bound to happen someday.. Oh and one more thing: connectivity? What the hell were you thinking??!!

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