Jahiz? Irmee!

We’re almost 10 days away from Ramadan and the advertisements are already piling up. If I recall from last year, every 10 minutes after fo6oor, our TV would get bombarded with more than 14 commercials in a row including: “Pizza Pizza” (Little Caesars), MTC-Vodaphone, Wataniya and a lot of “Zakat” reminders.

Worst of all is that I can almost guarantee that most of the Kuwaiti TV shows will feature the typical 30-episode of (messed-up) drama where: Men drink, kids do drugs, girls involved with boyfriend without parent’s knowlage, family goes through money/marriage problems, maid is somehow involved and certainly lots of slapping (because they think it’s realistic and adds action!).

Well, whatever shows they have in store for us, I hope it’s something decent. Finally, kil 3am wintaw ib’7air :P


11 thoughts on “Jahiz? Irmee!

  1. Imbarak 3alaikom il shahar in advance!!!

    I know these shows are totally exaggerated and mesakha with all that drama like you said but for me It’s part of my Ramadan ritual I guess. Totally addicting though. I’m going to try not to get into them this year….but then again I always say that!!!

    Loved the “Jahiz? Irmi!”

  2. jahez , ermee !!
    LUV IT

    i say dont watch that crap , read some quran and enjoy the taraweee7 and qeyaam prayers … get closer to Alla and u’re never gonna be sorry for that. its one holy month

    mn 3ewadah inshalla

  3. No Q, I found it somewhere else. I’ve seen these posters everywhere actually. There’s another one about an egyptian show but I can’t remember its name.

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