I’ve just added another 512 MB of RAM to my iMac G5 and now I enjoy running all the applications and widgets I can ever want. Woohoo! :D


8 thoughts on “1 GB DDR RAM

  1. Not a Mac fan myself — the hardware is too limiting.

    Which reminds me, GigaByte has come up with a brand new harddisk, which isn’t a harddisk!!!

    It’s basically a PCI card with slots, and those slots can take rams! YES! RAMS! Then the PCI card will act as a super duper speedy gonzales harddisk!

    Tom’s Hardware Review
    Bit-Tech (pics)

  2. That’s not the point dude.

    You see, in the computing world, speed is the issue, not the space.

    So by using this baby, you can dump your Operating System on it (for speed) and leave the rest on a regular harddisk (or you can use SCSI or SATA).

    By that, you gain the speed of loading your OS.

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