I touched the iPod Nano!

You won’t believe just how small this thing is. @_@


15 thoughts on “I touched the iPod Nano!

  1. Alla ikhally il radio walla! Im addicted to 87.9 (old Arabic), 107.3 (radio Montecarlo), and 90.1 (BBC Arabic)!

    Still cant get into this iPod craze :(

  2. I’m with Q. I still have my dusty cassette tapes. And I’m loyal as hell to my hardcore CD Player. And I love my camera-free cell phone; I feel safe that I throw it around my apartment and it would never fail me. Screw technology; I still send my friends letters by postmail!

  3. Apple has admitted of having faulty models of the iPod nano where its screen cracks easily (not scratches) and it’s replacing them for free.

  4. I ordered one engraved from Apple :D As well as played around with my Uncle’s Black nano :D It’s awesome believe me, it’s made me want something i don’t really need hehe :D

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