“Shino fo6oorna ilyoom?”

Dates are especially popular during Ramadan for an obvious reason: they are what most muslims break their fast with. They hold valuable nutritional properties and undoubtedly stem deep into our religion, culture and traditions.

I’ve always wanted to know about their seasonal names; there’s ‘7ulal, bir7y, ri6ub etc… but since I can’t seem to figure out what’s what, I simply refer to all of them as “tamur”! (Please feel free to help me out!)

Depending on preference, some families may prepare it by removing the seeds, mashing it up and serving it hot, which is known as “tamreeyah”. Others have it with sesame or caramel toppings and maybe some “herda” as dip. I’ve also come across dates that were covered in chocolate (from Iran?).

Whatever your preference, I wish you all easy fasting and a tasty fo6oor :P

Side Note: Do you buy Vimto during Ramadan?


15 thoughts on ““Shino fo6oorna ilyoom?”

  1. I love eating dates at futoor! They’re yummy! I eat one, have some soup and i’m full!!! YAY! :D

    And kol sana wenta tayeb!!!

    (3baid, this posts makes all the sense in the world, so don’t worry!) ;) ;)

  2. You’re not the only one with the tamur crisis 3baid :P we buy vimto throughout the whole year so we have a touch of rmithan all the time :P and Flamingoliya u freaked the hell out of me!!! does it really cause cancer?!?!?

  3. They tell us most the things we use & eat cause cancer, like junk food, artificial sugar and shampoo. So ma yat 3l vimto.
    So i say, vimto vimto vimto!!!
    R6ab are my favourite.

  4. sorry that i freaked you out but that’s what i know of. i heard this years ago that it contains asbagh and since then we stopped buying it. but whether this is true or not, there are imported things that cause cancer too. nothing is done because they are too many i guess. and if you listen to Mariam Nour, she confirms this that’s why she’s organic.

  5. Flamingoliya is correct. The colors simply eat away your liver.

    Why it’s not being blocked from Kuwait? You gotta ask the person who’s profiting from it.

    I’ve heard that it’s not allowed to sell it in UK, is that correct?

  6. mbh- Vimto does exist in the UK. I lived there for years and It was the only thing I drank as a cordial.

    however, I must say that the variety we get in Kuwait is more concentrated. but this only means you will get more out of the bottle :)

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