Recent Observations

  • No matter what season, religious occasion or time of day, parking is still a problem at the College of Engineering.
  • Have any of you seen the Cosmo Bowling Center commercials on Alrai TV? I’ve only seen one myself (during 9adooh 3 break) but I though the presentation was very unique and creative. In short, a family goes to Cosmo and challenges the man at the cash register to a bowling match. Each member of the family has a different move/technique/super ability and the mother proves to be the most powerful of them all. The whole commercial is split into short (around ten-second-long) advertisements and they’re played a day apart with a trailing “to be continued” message.
  • My 7-year-old brother was fooling around while watering the plants outside, when a suspicious truck stopped right in front of the house. A couple of strange men climbed out and rapidly headed straight towards him. It was too late for him to make a move; he had already been stunned by their unexpected visit. They gathered around him, aimed directly at him and pointed towards his chin. “Shino 3eks imbellel?”. “Umm.. nashif!”, he answered. Before too long, he was running back inside the house with a box of dates; a gift he had just won from a Ramadan TV program.

15 thoughts on “Recent Observations

  1. thakartni wala, kent asfi6 ma3a el dekatra bas 7akra o kelwa7ed saad eldakhla b sayarta elgaramba3 wana momgaser b 3erth el mowater.. gemt o sefa6t b masafe6kom w rekabt el bus, laima sana3aw el gaar wethaaher madri nesaw ye7e6oon el ekh6o6, sakaw 3alay bedal el sayartain arba3.. enle6a3t 3ala ma sharifaw 7athrat janaabhom mohandesaat ilqadd.. tebt o gemt asfi6 ma3a elmowathifeen, o nafs elshay akeed shayefhom eli yasfe6on b wes6 elshari3 sayartain yam b3ath belgaseb temorr bainhom

    akher shay saafarat eldektora, 6anasht la dawam la tawgee3 la masafi6 ma3ashy b jaiby o thak elyom waselni 7achi enha tawha ef6enat 3ala malafi bedon tewagee3 mn shahar 4

    elzebda: ma3ak 7ag

  2. Loool
    O its true wayid za7ma.
    Last sat or sun I went to ilhandasa after maybe 4 years, to make a new student ID. Actually mo 4 years cuz I go to the library sometimes. Bes I mean awal mara aro7 adish dakhil inside 9ob the buildings and the students

  3. Omg! I was scared about what might happen to your brother! Lol, I didn’t expect that! Heh, bismillah 3alaih…crap, if anything happened to my lil’ bro I’ll take my dad’s loaded shotgun and head out the door…

  4. OK..I got worried there a bit. Thank god for your brother. I thought he was gonna be kidnapped. Bas at the end of the day…Mabrookeen :)

  5. Am i insensitive cuz ma khtira3t :(
    I felt there was a catch.Y3ny I didnt think you would put a serious story like that after 1.mawqif ilhandasa 2. cosmo commercials.

  6. I got scared like eveyone else….took me a while to astaw3ib too!!!

    As for the commercials I think most of them are pretty cool. I like the Wataniya one where he’s in a meeting and get a call….VERY creative. I was telling my family it’s like superbowl sunday commercials for a whole month

  7. Late! sorry ;p

    Regarding the cosmo commercial, it’s copied from a movie called ‘Mystery Men’.
    The commercial projects the same powers as those of the movie chars.

  8. I’ve deleted Neptune‘s comment accidentally:

    The blind bowler is based on several different characters but mainly Neo from the matrix and Muad dib from Dune. – wind

    Khalti is the big momma (wearing the bruce lee and uma thurman outfit) – fire

    School girl is from kill bill and teken. – electricity

    Robochic is like terminator.

    Khabaz is strength

    and beduin is dust storm

    by the way – never saw mystery men…

    but as they say – there is no such thing as an original idea…..

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