The Hummer Laptop

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Seeing as how Kuwait is overly-populated with hummer owners and fans, I’m sure that Panasonic’s Hummer Toughbook would sell quite well here.

Acer has introduced its Ferrari laptops a while back, but it seems that this car-branding idea might be catching a trend.


12 thoughts on “The Hummer Laptop

  1. Laptops are not meant to look like cars. That is why the Ferrari didn’t do to well for Acer nor will this Hummer do well for Panasonic (this is another Laialy prediction :P)

  2. Computers are items of technology and NOT fashion.

    Those things usually sell well with the novices who like to sit in cafes showing off their latest gadget :D

  3. The hummer laptop isn’t designed for the common public, specially NOT for those Hummer freaks!

    It’s designed for business and specially to endure tough usage. For example, ent moqawel OO tabi tsawi 3D design for something on the fly (‘7oosh moqawel y3arf 3D modeling)…

    Other usage includes geographical scans, topological scans, volcano activity monitoring, …etc.

    From the article :: “…a portable computer designed for people who work outdoors: police officers, firefighters, claims adjusters and construction workers…”

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