Ramadan at Marina Mall

While MTC had a promotional boutique opposite Costa, Wataniya went ahead a set up a Moroccan tent party at Marina Hotel

I was thrilled to see that the bridge at Marina Mall was filled with old Kuwaiti traditional merchandise that were held for sale. They totally broke the “gizzing” mood and people of all ages showed great interest and enthusiasm for what was on display. They even had paintings!

I really liked this one (click to take a closer look at the print). Priceless antiques I tell ya!

They also had these pins/badges/brooches that sold for 1 KD each. Oh look, they even have the Kuwait University logo…

Four days after the debut of the iPod Nano at the Virgin Megastore, it was hard for me to believe that there were only two white ones left! Note that this iPod is just 2 GB and sells more than the US equivalent of the 4 GB version.

Finally, I took this picture for a friend, the Panasonic phone just screams iPod resemblance but unfortunately, lacks immensely in features. :P


14 thoughts on “Ramadan at Marina Mall

  1. WOW!!

    Super cute!! I haven’t been to Marina Mall in 2 weeks :/

    Are there any Egyptian flag-pins? Coz I was looking for those!!

    And 115 for the NANO?!! What the hell are they thinking?!! *faints*

  2. Symbols, I can’t recall seeing any Egyptian flag pins but there were quite a lot on display so chances are it’s there somewhere :/

  3. 3baid, thank you for updating me on what is going on in Kuwait. It is nice to have someone sharing current activities in Kuwait especially when they are endorsed with images :D
    Is the Nano-pod meant to be cheaper in the US compared to the other variety?

  4. How fun..I get to know what’s happening at marina mall without getting swamped from the crowd…that was cool…good job!

  5. mtrdd shway….should I buy it or not???? by the way, there`s a new generation of lapttops that are going to be released in the states this november…..know what`s cool about them….they`ll be sold for 100 dollars…..cheaper than the ipod!!!!!

  6. Ich bin sehr gut!!!, the $100 notebooks aren’t designed for the general public, but rather dedicated to the third-world countries, where they can’t even afford electricity.

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