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Google recently launched an online RSS/Atom aggregator service called Google Reader that allows users to ‘subscribe’ to news as well as blog feeds. Once you subscribe to a site or blog, you can be notified of any updates by looking at the “unread” topics as well as have the option to view or search within your subscriptions. If you are already familiar with, then Google Reader pushes it a step further and lets you take control.

Even though the service is currently still in Beta, I hope to see it directly integrated into someday so that you would only have to click “subscribe” at any blog and it would automatically add itself to your Google Reader. Or at least make a blogger-friendly version much like how (blocked by Fast Telco as I type this!) is simpler than

Request: Could someone upload an OPML file with all the Kuwaiti blogs so that we don’t have to put them in one at a time? :P


9 thoughts on “Google Reader

  1. * Blocked by quality net, too! -> Proxies my way through it.. nothing worth blocking.

    There’s a program called aKregator (Linux/KDE), after giving it an RSS feed link, you can set the cahcing limits and checking periods.. everything is automated.
    I’m updated on security, news & most importantly, Anime!

  2. Dear 3baid,

    I fail to see the point of an online aggregator. If you have a mac there is a free aggregator I have been using for a while now. Its called Vienna. Its easy to use and so cool…

    There are many others available here is a wiki with a full list for mac and windows.

    Aggregators collect all the headlines every 30 mins or however often you want and list them in a small window on your desktop.

    Wiki list of RSS feed Readers

    Your buddy,

  3. Dear misguided,

    I’m already satisfied with Safari RSS. Online aggregators make it possible for me to check RSS feeds on any PC without having to install or subscribe to anything. As much as I hate using public machines, I find google’s services come in quite handy when needed. Besides, some people don’t know how to install/configure aggregators so google is their best bet.

    Best regards,

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