Rapid Ramadan

New Apple store called Mac City will be opening its doors today. From what I heard, this official reseller will be the, “biggest in the Gulf region”. They are located in Shuwaikh and I intend to find out where exactly. Tel: 4911112

Stating the obvious: girgai3an’s over, weather is getting slightly chilly during the night, and with Eid scheduled for next week we’re seeing the end of this year’s Ramadan. Start preparing or you’ll regret it when all the shops and stores get incredibly busy and crowded!

Update: Sheikh Ahmad Al-Abdullah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah has invited Microsoft chief Bill Gates to visit Kuwait for the implimentation of the e-government project.

Thought of the day: How many plays (masra7iyat) do you expect to see this eid? :P


12 thoughts on “Rapid Ramadan

  1. Plays will be equal to the number of kuwaiti episodes in this Ramadan.

    It’s the trashy producers profit season (Ramadan + Eid).

  2. “Sheikh Ahmad Al-Abdullah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah has invited Microsoft chief Bill Gates to visit Kuwait for the implimentation of the e-government project”

    is he really comming ? when? where ? how long ?

  3. Just a thought: E goverment! Some govermental websites are still .com’s in Kuwait and not unified yet, and not even accounted for. Ifashloon. Itdig 3ala bilgate ibkobra laish? Another way to mask unprofessionalism in this country, ana agool khal idig 3ala nancy 3ajram awnasslina.

  4. Bill Gates will be coming to Kuwait? Then Oprah will be coming over my house for tea. Its just a publicity stunt. But hope the E-Gov works out…its about time. No more walking into a government agency and see women peeling oranges. I know its mean…but sadly true.

  5. I want to go to Mac City!

    I begged my mother to take me there (coz yours truly doesn’t have a damn car) and she said: “Are you crazy? Wala etganenti?”

    Why’d it have to be in Shuwaikh?! *sigh* The day that I go there will come; it’ll come!!! YOU HEAR ME?!! *tries to calm down*

  6. 1) Would this new reseller supply goods cheaper than Virgin is doing now? Would it even supply them with a reasonable price difference from the ones states in Apple’s website?

    2) Weather :: I wore my cosy jacket yesterday and gonna stick to it till the temp. rises to 40!

    3) Eid :: I did go shopping a couple of weeks ago, but nothing is Eid-ish! Most of the clothes displayed are stock! [River-island, Zara, Debenhams, Energie, Jeans stop, Guess, Polar Bear, …etc]

    4) E-Gov :: Is a failed project. I’ve seen work on it and a couple of doctors asked me to join the project but I refused. All what they’re doing is buying the systems and dispatching them! They don’t even develop them, nor use the available intelligent coders; Why? Because our government doesn’t trust us!
    Plus, Bill Gates? LOL! I’ll be be waiting in line to throw a mud-pie at him.
    They should’ve invited someone from the OpenSource community (Linux).

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