Mac City

I know the picture is blurred out but I was too excited to stand still. :P
The shop isn’t as big as I thought it would be; almost three to four times the size of Mac&More in Galleria (Salmiya).

Just as I expected, they’re selling relatively old products including ipod minis, and the first mac minis at unreasonable prices. (The nano was 115 KD but don’t take my word for it.) Although short on the software, there were plenty of accessories on display. The best part of the store was the plasma TV that was hung on the wall that played the silhouette iPods commercials.


8 thoughts on “Mac City

  1. agool lokom shay i live in a city fee el US, yes it is a city not a town, and we only have one apple store and it opend last year

  2. I wonder why they’re selling at such high prices! One would think a reseller would have prices almost close the manfucturer (Incase of Apple).

  3. Dear 3baid,

    I haven’t been to the store but my buddy Big Red has been to an Apple Store in North America… prices are reasonable… still online is the cheapest way to go.

    Here is a picture of him at the Apple Store

    Can you see him…such a puny dude. LOL!

    your buddy,

  4. laialy_q8, There aren’t many apple stores. Apple has only recently began increasing its retail around the world.

    MBH, I’m not sure why. I can imagine high prices for the first few months because businesses try to gain their losses as soon as possible so I’m hoping prices go down in the future.

    misguided, LOL I see him :)

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