Fans Celebrate Firfox’s 100th Million Download

“The Linux Users Group at Oregon State University launched a weather balloon with the help of the Oregon Space Grant Consortium. Here, Firefox-One goes airborne above a cheering crowd of enthusiastic Firefox fans.”


15 thoughts on “Fans Celebrate Firfox’s 100th Million Download

  1. Firefox is cool :) I was too lazy to confirm the madness before, but when I finally downloaded it (it’s not illegal to use ‘download’ in that context, right?) it was definitely worth it :)

  2. Hey, this isn’t related to the current topic really, but it is about ipods so I’m guessing you won’t mind :P one of my friend’s ipods battery got messed up – where would one go to fix it? The mac shop in Galleria? Thanks :)

  3. 7tenths, I’m really not sure. Call all the Mac shops in Kuwait (you’ll find their numbers somewhere on my blog) and ask them. Let us know if you found out!

  4. I never understood why everbody loved Firefox till I used it. If anybody isn’t, then you’re missing out.

    Nice blog 3baid.

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