I Met A Blogger!

I never thought that I could, someday, have enough courage to meet a blogger in real life. However, today, during a Linux tutorial at my college, I was both stunned and delighted when it dawned on me that the person I had been talking to was no other than MBH himself! Read all about it here.

16 thoughts on “I Met A Blogger!

  1. ewww ewww ewww please tell me that’s not a photo of Eng. college mamar 9 KH please please please ..
    /me shuts her eyes tight *_*

  2. Don’t tell me .. the one that limps ?? I LOVE HER !! I miss her
    :( way galbi 3awarni u think i can steal her ? She’s my only good memory from college.

  3. 3baid 3baid 6alabtik take a picture of her waay sij faz galbi when u mentioned her :( a7is’ha chinha my mother wayid 7anoona ;I kanat killah itsa7ilni gabil la adish exam or if i’ve had a rough day :( I want her :(

  4. 1) D00D!

    2) The Cat :: Generations have graduated and she’s still there!!

    3) Glad we met ^_^

    * Keep our blogging frenzy from others. If you’ve noticed yesterday when you said “3baid!”, the guys were like “Duh, 3baid man, 3baid”. lol.

  5. Is it true the she got that limp ‘cos a guy kicked her hard trying to impress some girls yelling “aaaah yumma gatwa gatwa” ??

  6. I donno about the story behind the limp. But I do know that that cat has confidence higher than most students of Kuwait University!

    She absolutely fears no one and always approaches with confidence and sexiness… (although she ain’t my type)

  7. LaiaLy_q8, yes glad you liked it.

    Blasha, if I had met you, you would know. :P

    She’s defiantly confident and whoever might have kicked her deservers to be beaten up!

  8. Is this your first time you meet a fellow blogger? Wow…I meet them all the time. But I know how interesting it can be when you fist meet the, Put a face to the name.

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