Preparing for The Storm

Many of the videogame shops at the Al-Rihab Complex are preparing for Eid; the time of year where kids of all ages show up with pockets heavily-loaded and craving to get their gaming fix. The competition gets pretty intense and prices tend to fall rather sharply so you’ll see posters and pinups like this one plastered everywhere begging for your attention.

What took me by surprise was the fact that PSP games (US: $40 KWT: 5 KD) are selling for a third or a quarter of the price of Nintendo DS (US: $30 KWT: 15 KD) games! Hm.. I guess I should have asked if they were selling UMD or MemoryStick-based games.

With the US launch of the Xbox 360 just a 20 days away, I think this is a perfect opportunity for retailers to clear out their stocks and make way for the new generation console.


4 thoughts on “Preparing for The Storm

  1. The last video game I played was Street Fighter with my brother in the 90’s. We even made it to the last stage; I forgot which type of villain was waiting in the end. I was the red haired woman. I still remember her ‘Hayah!’

  2. LOL! 3baid mo zain etjarebha el psp its really really great.. its like having a play station in ur hand :)

    i played Spiderman 2 in it.. 3jeba !

  3. You mean the SPS ;P Anyway, is that a real pic?! Damn that’s cheap! I bought mine from the States this Summer & got Lumines – I love that game! And they still charge 15kd for DS game? Baggas..

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