The Calm Coasts of Kuwait

Invisible horizon. Where does the sky touch the sea?

Look closer.

Evidence shows traces of bird species.

Culprit found leaving Zait O Za3tar minutes later…

Romantic cat contemplating the sounds of serene waves.


22 thoughts on “The Calm Coasts of Kuwait

  1. umm..if only you knew what untreated chemicals were floating around in Kuwaiti waters that give it that wonderful green sheen.. yup trust me to ruin the moment :P

  2. Erzulie, even pigeons like it! :P

    SheWolf, I know, it’s sad, and that’s why I rarely swim in the sea.

    MBH, I didn’t get the chance to watch that movie but the trailer was quite captivating.

    Laialy_Q8, thank you dear, glad you liked them :)


  3. Loved the pix mashala especially the first one mu tabee3iya. mabroook 3ala ur discovery of the feather lol and LOOOOOOL @ the guys leaving zait o za3tar shlon 6i7t 3alaihum !!

  4. loveeee the the midst of my crazyiness of assignments/midterms/law3t chabd, i’d give anything to be sitting where the cat is…not doing or thinking of anything..just taking it all in :(

    kel 3am wint b kheir btw

  5. So Blue, ee fee wayid i6yoor gamaw yitmeshoon al7een.

    Chocolat, thank you :)

    Delicately Realistic, ayamich sa3eedah.

    faith, I know. Glad you enjoyed the pictures :]

    Change Density, thanks.

    cosimfree911, kil 3am wintaw ib’7air :)

  6. 3eeik embarak 3baid. Liked the pictures ( the one with the feathers).

    Enjoyed reading about MBH’s story. Hope you respect the guy’s privacy as from reading his blog I come to realise he is very much a private person.

    Enjoy the holidays!

    btw, Sorry I have just noticed, you have me down as blabber. It is babbler my dear friend :-D

  7. Honestly, I don’t know why I don’t pass by so often. Probably because you aren’t yet added to Safat. You haven’t sent a request have you? :r

  8. Babbler, sorry I’ll fix it now!

    Jackie, I have mixed feelings about Safat, dunno why.

    Grandma funk, yeah it’s so peaceful.

    Flamingoliya, thank you :)

  9. Jackie, thank you. You could always bookmark me so you won’t forget to visit ;)

    PhotoFlow, the “story” is completely made up; the pictures are random but they were taken on the same day. :P

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