New Headphones

Eid’s over and I still find it awkward to eat during the day. I have a lot of blog catching-up to do but I my midterms are closing in real fast. I got myself a Firewire-to-firewire cable (finally!) so now I can rest assured that any backups or mac migrations in the future will be fast, easy and almost painless. I also purchased Panasonic’s wireless headphones:

The sound quality wasn’t what I was expecting; there’s a slight hissing sound (static) no matter how low or high I set the volume. Although, they’re much comfier than my previous ear-straining Sony headphones and have an impressive 100-meter range which is more than enough for me. I could, if I wanted to, listen to my music while I brush my teeth! :]

Current Song Stuck In Head: You Know What – Craig David.


20 thoughts on “New Headphones

  1. i got one i bought it from Virgin Megastore, maybe a year ago … better than the normal headphones, you can move where ever you want with music in your head :P …

    Current Song With Panasonic Headphones: Behind These Hazel Eyes – Kelly Clarkson … :P

  2. flamingoliya, you can use it with anything that accepts an audio jack (like the ipod) or a TV as long as you have a power supply nearby.

    nonaw, that’s where I got mine from! yay! :D

  3. Wireless is a rotten technology, as I see it. Waves floating close to my brain — bad.

    Plus, the poor quality sound is expected since you’re using wireless. There are plenty of waves around you at any instant and any could cause interferance (specially microwave ovens!).

    Comfort is good, but quality is better =8D

  4. mbh, it’s possible to make lossless wireless headphones using bluetooth but the transfer rate would have to be very high. Besides, you can’t avoid waves, they’re everywhere and it’s creepy. About that tin foil, it reminds me of Third Rock From The Sun!

    temetwir, thanks although I’m not sure what you meant by color. They only come in black & silver.

    Q80-Chill Girl, ayamich sa3eedah! I wanted to personally say so on other blogs bess I was away from the PC during eid that I didn’t get the chance so please forgive me. :/

    LaiaLy_q8, yay! :D

  5. 3baid oh from the pic it looks like an alum-look .. nevermind its a car thing ma3endi salfa

    mbh man now i cant help but imagine u putting on a “hat” like that heh

  6. mr. tea, I guess their quality will improve with time.

    NuNu, they’re big not bulky like some of other headphones I’ve seen.

  7. 3alayk bil 3aaaafya 3baid ya36eeek 5ayrhom o ekafyyyk sharhom :P


    sea has waves . . waves all over the place waves waves waves waves waves :P enyahahhahaha does that piss u off . . just kidding

  8. Jazz Central, don’t worry I don’t listen to loud things. ;P

    Hattorihanzo, those headphones cost as much as ipods. :/

    Q8ana, thank you, I will :)

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