Thoughtless Ongoings

  • I downloaded my first episode of Bleach and just by watching the opening I could easily tell that I’m going to enjoy this anime. That cat rocks! :D I know I should’ve checked it out earlier, but I guess I have too many things on my mind. I also downloaded the soundtrack but unfortunately, couldn’t find the opening and closing theme songs. Any ideas where I could get them or what they’re called?
  • I’m going miss the short clip that used to be played during Ramadan on MBC 1 where a young girl closes here eyes, holds her hands open in front of her and magically pulls red petals from the air and forms a rose. (I’ve been noticing that I feel immensely mesmerized by characters with forcefield-like magic abilities.)
  • While thinking to myself today of how time is relative (physics midterm), I wondered if how we perceive the world is also relative. I mean, both you and I can look at the same shade of color and say “it’s green” but does that mean that your brain perceives “green” the way my brain does? Even if our eyes function similarly and send the same signals to our brain, do our brains translate that signal similarly or does it differ for each individual? I don’t think there’s really a way to prove it. Am I making any sense?

13 thoughts on “Thoughtless Ongoings

  1. I have an eye stigma and I have issues with color tones, so yes I guess my green can be different than yours even if its the same green object.
    Everything in life is relative.

  2. 1) CAN’T BELIEVE YOU HAVEN’T BEEN WATCHING IT UP UNTIL NOW!!!!!! [I can supply you ith weekly episodes ;)]

    3) I believe, due to the fact that some of us like a color (green) and others don’t (like myself), is a fair argument that our barins process things differently, and if I may add, depending on each individual’s personality.
    Another example would be the interpretation of things: some may consider a certain event bad, others think it’s good -> Arabs think an owl (boma) is sign of bad luck, while Americans/Brits think otherwise.

    * Is it possible to elaborate on ‘time is relative’ ? — either a comment, or preferably a new post ^_^

  3. PIB, do you know what torrents are?

    MBH, I know, I didn’t want to start watching an anime and get involved because I don’t have any spare time. I hate starting something I can’t finish.

    About how we perceive things: I’m not talking about what things might represent to you. If you were born with eyes that see inverted colors and you’ve been used to it all your life and it would feel perfectly natural. It would be impossible for you to tell that what you are seeing is the wrong set of colors. Much like how our eyes see the world upside down (like a camera lens) but then our brain “edits” it and flips it back. Everything we see is photoshopped (or GIMP’ed :P) by our own brain!

    About that time is relative: Time is not an absolute quantity; it is not constant. If a set of twins where born on the exact day and one travelled near the speed of light to distant planet and back while the other waited on earth, the person who travelled would be younger than his brother who remained on earth. It’s called “time dialation” and yes it’s mathematically proven. :/

  4. OMG abeeeeeeeeeeeee, i wanna watch Bleech too!!! my friend from college told me all about it, n i was like , i waaaaaaaaaaanna see :(

    MBH is there a color that u like? :P

  5. 3baid, Iknow what you mean. Currently I’m watching 7 different animes (I dumped Naruto)!! I hradly have time to watch them all [but I manage ;)]

    So you mean a physical matching between 2 entities being interpreted mentally differently? [All hail to The GIMP! HORRA! :p]

    Oh, ok. I am aware of that fact and I think I read its proof too :p
    Have you seen this: Scientists Call for a Time Change?
    Interesting discussion there too…

    BLaSha, Black, Red, White, Navy Blue, Beige, and some variants of these.
    You can also download it directly from Bleach Portal Network, from college ;)
    It’s out each Wednesday. Welcome to the Bleach Cult!

  6. Hey! I totally think if the relativity concept all the time! Yes we may all perceive it as the same (this colour is green, that tastes like chicken), but there’s no way we can tell if what we each see is excatly identical :P My relativity question is always: Does chicken taste the same to all of us? I mean taste buds are probably alot more variable than rods & cones (your vision receptors), plus it would explain why some people like it and some people don’t :)

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