It Rained!

  • Well what do ya know; the weather widget was right about today! Glad I was prepared :)
  • I have a (weird) habit of constantly trying to change the way I think about things, and for this reason, I’m going to force myself to be familiar with the 24-hour system from now on, instead of referring to the AM/PM format without the conscious subtract-twelve-in-your-head part.
  • Funny quote I read somewhere: “Windows isn’t unstable, it’s just spontaneous.”
  • On the topic of Windows, the official Windows Vista page says, “A Windows Vista computer starts and shuts down as quickly and reliably as a television, typically within 2 to 3 seconds.” I find this fact very unlikely unless they’re talking about standby, sleep or even hibernating modes in which case it’s not really about booting at all!
  • A picture for your entertainment needs:

Yes it’s true: Mr. Iron can tackle any crease!


15 thoughts on “It Rained!

  1. When I read the weather widget I was like yeh whatever, it’s still early for it to rain but I guess it was right after all. says the next few days will be raining, yet on the widget it says SUNNY, we’ll see!

  2. Shopaholic Q8eya, I didn’t believe it either! That’s why I took this screenshot in fact :P I’d be happy if it rained tomorrow as well. Let it rain!

    Jackie, You betcha :]

  3. LOL !! 3baid .. MR: OTY :P
    5al hatha enta masheft ele theek el mara … m7l mbeed 7asharat :) kateb ” RASHA EB RASHA LA TAHMEL EL ZHEWE O TETMASHA :P “

  4. 24 hour clocks rock! I never use the am/pm system :P Always mess with your mind, it can only help :) I used to set my car clock 10 minutes ahead :P But then I got so used to it, I set it 12 minutes ahead right now ;P I love on the go math! :D

  5. 24 since 5th grade dude!

    Windows Vista will be available in 7 versions! The one you’ll be downloading is Windows Vista Ultimate :p
    Actually I believe this 3 second boot time, after the first installation only! Plus, they could fool you and load the rest of the drivers & crap after windows starts…

    For a real boot time of 3 seconds, see

  6. Man I hate the rain… but when it rains in kuwait it leaves this wonderful fresh desert scent around.. which is probably all the ‘ghbar’ turning into mud..lets hope it doesnt turn into a flood like it did in 1997

  7. I love rain

    24 is hard in the beggining BUT when you associate ( 12-00 , 03-15 , 18-6 , 09-21) you will find it to be pretty easy,,,,, my best is 8pm coz its a 20 :D i like even numbers especially two

  8. design, me too :)

    7tenths, I used to set my watch 5 minutes early but I found out I wasn’t so good at fooling myself. :/

    LaiaLy_q8, hehe I know, but the forcast change all the time and right now it says rain for tomorrow also.

    MBH, I won’t be downloading ANY version of windows ;)

    SheWolf, I love the scent of wet grass :)

    Q80-Chill Girl, great minds think alike! :D I was trying to do the same thing but prime number 17 refuses to associate with 5 PM :(

    Flamingoliya, I’ve seen sillier things but didn’t get the chance to take pictures :P

  9. I’ve been trying to familiarize myself with the 24 hour system too! Except… all I do is ignore the “tens” and then subtract 2 from the “ones”.

    E.g. if it’s 13 hundred hours, I ignore the 1(0), and then take the 3 and subtract 2, which equals- ta daa- 1! And therefore: it’s One o-clock pm :D

    But sometimes things can get a little confusing when the time gets into the 20’s… >_< I am a math whiz. Gigi, delusionally

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