Water Water Everywhere…

I woke up around 7 to the loud clashes of thunder and rhythmic sound of rain drops tapping on my window. It was odd for me to be up at this hour; I had gone to bed rather late the night before and my lectures are not until two whole hours. Something didn’t feel right. The rain kept tapping like a drum and after a brief moment, I figured that the rain must have been leaking through the window.

I got up to look for any damp traces but everything was dry as it was, so my next suspicion was the AC unit. My AC has a record for leaking during humid weather, and for that reason, I’ve deliberately changed where my computer desk used to reside to a more arid location. But just as I was about to investigate further, I noticed that the ceiling, the region directly above my, “supposedly-safe” desk was leaking! To my horror, the foul-scented water had soaked my router and was still trickling down to the side of my already-operating iMac!

I was living a nightmare; what I was looking at was on the verge of short-cuircuiting and I have absolutely no kind of backup.

I quickly turned everything off, moved the desk away to let dry and placed a bin under the stream of water.

Luckily nothing was damaged but even now, 7 hours later from this incident, the leak hasn’t seized to stop.


20 thoughts on “Water Water Everywhere…

  1. Ouiiiiiiii…
    el7md llah ena ma5tarab.. Remove it from the dangrous area, it’s okay now… madre shegolon “5a6ak eshar” or something like that :\ …

  2. off off! lo ana shayfa hal manthar 3ndi chan byogaf galbi lol! el7mdellah enna nothing bad happened, I’m very glad :D
    and you should get yourself an external HDD or something for backup…

  3. OH MY GOD……
    i woke up at 7 and everything was weeeeeet
    i mean even me ;p i went down outside and got my self realy wet…..
    but it was amaazing
    i loooooove rainy weather

    next time keep ur stuff away from the window ;)

  4. weeee!
    ma yshof shar ur mac!
    kha6ak ilso :)
    once i poured a whole bottle of water on MY DAD’s laptop!
    I blow dried it. It wouldnt turn on for 2 days. On the 3rd day it miracuously came to life!

  5. 3baid remember how i suggested you should go to vegas? I take that back ;p
    -Hey salamat and inshalla ur baby’s gonna work fine :)

  6. Salamt
    Leaking a problem that most Q8 houses have it is only a brief time of rain in Q8 but most of the people are complaining welcome to Q8
    matshofoon shar again

  7. Wer3y, drying isn’t good enough, I have to wipe it because the water wasn’t clean!

    Design, siguf fashil :/

    Nonaw, Thank you, my computer is now exactly in the middle of my room :P

    PIB, I’m too lazy to backup because I know my Mac is secure (but not waterproof!)

    q8Sultana, it’s alright, everything’s working just the way it was :)

    angel, I won’t let this happen again!

    Laialy_Q8, 3ad my iMac is still young :'(

    Delicately Realistic, LOL good to hear.

    BLaSha, Thanks for your concern :)

    SheWolf, Thank you, but I don’t recall anything about Vegas?

    Diver, yes it’s a common problem and I don’t see why :/

    Hanan, My keyboard was clean before so the water wasn’t helping in any way.


    if I see that on my MAC I think I will……….wait a minute just thinking about it my heart almost stopped

    wala mawqif mo shay

  9. I seriously would’ve freaked out like hell if that happened to any one of my computers ;r It sucks, really, but I’m glad that things worked out in the end.

  10. Dear 3baid,

    Keep the computer and lose the house.

    A leaky house is like a windows computer that always crashes.

    Bes salamat wallah!

    ma yeshoof shar el mac… oo 7emdellah 3ala salamat el computer.


    P.S. you can always get the compter an umbrella.. that can help as well ;)

  11. Hattorihanzo, NuNu, So Blue, Jackie, SheWolf: Thank you all! :D

    Misguided, it would look ridiculous to have an umbrella over a computer, but thanks for the support anyway :P

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