Fight Mobile Spam!

Every once in a while, I get an annoying interruption from my phone. An SMS would popup on the screen and read something like, “Get the latest ringtones, pictures, and daily clips for just 150 fils! Reply with G”. Sound familiar? Well I’ve been getting a lot of that recently:

“Want to read your funny horoscope? Reply with H and have a laugh.”

These persistent messages always try to lure me into their pathetic money-making business schemes:

“Mercedes Benz is waiting for you at Marina Mall! Send R to..”

Ugh! I’ve just about had it with those annoying spammers! Do they expect me to sit and delete these SMS’ every 30 minutes?

“Play Aladdin to win a Mini Cooper…”

Obviously, I had to do something about it because it’s just getting absurd and I’m not tolerating it. So called MTC and ask if there was a way to put and end to all those adverts and, to my delight, there was!

“We’ll inform our technicians and it’ll take around 9 days before the adverts stop.”, said the agent. And that’s all it took! No more annoyances! Goodbye ridiculous, anonymous, commercials! From now on I’ll only receive legitimate SMS on my phone.

Do yourself a favor and fight spam by calling 107 and get your mobile spam-free at no extra cost.


24 thoughts on “Fight Mobile Spam!

  1. Thank u very very much
    By the way I called them once along time ago, they said that to stop those smss all smss will be stoped
    Thank u again I will call this as soon as I finish this comment

  2. A friend of mine called and they said it will be stopped. Right away after he hung up he received a spam sms :p
    Revenge SPAM SMS? I THINK SO!


    3baid ana wa7dah “jahlah” please can u explain to me wuts the differences between Imac and other computers ?

    would appreciate it

  4. Delicately Realistic, exactly!

    Laialy, Thank you :)

    PIB, yup! :P

    Hattorihanzo, glad I could help.

    Nonaw, Thank you too.

    Diver, Maybe it’s a new service?

    MBH, LOL! Must be some sort of conspiracy behind it all :P

    Angel, I get too many of them, it’s insane!

    True Faith, Don’t you get messages from people already?

    Tooomz, No problem ;)

    Mother Courage, iMacs and all the Apple computers are computers that use Mac OS X insted of Microsoft Windows as their user interface. Comparing Macs and PCs is like comparing playstation and xbox; they both do the same thing in essence but perform in slightly different ways. Go to and take a look at Mac OS X. If you’re still confused ask me and I’ll write a detailed post about it.

  5. thank you 3baid ,,, e walla yarait if u write a detailed post about it , am kind of interested yet i cant go and ask about it coz i have no idea about it at all. w akhaf ye6la3 shaklee 3bee6.

  6. I always get those damn messages. I called Wataniya and told them to stop sending them and to remove my number from the list. They said they did it. To this day…I still get them. I thought..thats life and went back to my morning coffee.

  7. im so jealous! ana 7aliyan mu bl ikwait uw lil asaf ilshadeed ‘7a6y still ib ism ubooy and he’s not operator friendly. Mafy 9aber he follows instructions ily “To call an operator press 0”. I called them once 3ad, giltlihum uboy a6ram bs 3ndy raqam ilba6aqa uw kilshay. 7aywanat told me to get an official paper saying ina a6ram! I pretended to be deeply offended bs a’7er shay ti’asifaw ley galaw bs but still said it was POLICY!

    Huff stupid messages. Hate them!

  8. Thank God! Those msgs pissed me off! Every time I get a msg I hum “Somebody loves me!” & 90% of the time nobody loves me, they just want my money! Will call as soon as I get a self esteem boost, now where can I get some Redbull? .. Thanks :)

  9. Although it’s great and the spam messages do annoy the hell out of me ;p but the only good thing is that when I’m feeling lonely with no SMSes I have those to fall back on ;p

  10. Mother Courage, I will next time.

    Misguided, even if you win, chances are very slim that you’ll get a car ;P

    So Blue, Glad I could help :D

    Jazz Central, they should send you confirmation. Maybe they forgot?

    Jan6a, When I called, they didn’t ask my for my ID or anything so I think you can do it without any lengthy procedures.

    7tenths, I know the feeling! But now you’ll know that if you got a message someone DOES love you ;P

    Jackie, I’d rather get no messages than think I got them from someone and end up disappointed. :/

  11. Good for you, and now for us :o)
    I htink most people (including myself) are also annoyed, but too lazy to actually call the phone company :o)
    But now you figured it all out for us lazy ones :o)

  12. thanks for telling us that their is actually a service to stop these annoying msg comming … must call them as soon as back to q8 ensallah for this service

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