Apple’s Mac OS X

As per Mother Courage’s request, I’m going to mention very briefly what Apple computers are like. If you’re already familiar with Macs then you may choose to skip reading this post. I’m going to refrain from being technical but if you’re interested in the details I recommend visiting X Vs XP.

Identifying Apple products is very simple —just look for the Apple Logo!

Left: Apple Mac OS X Right: Microsoft Windows XP

The most popular operating system for PCs is Microsoft Windows, while Apple Computers exclusively use Mac OS X. Even though your choice of OS depends entirely on personal preference, most tech enthusiasts would agree that Macs have better stability and are less obstructive.

Firefox comes in different versions for different Operating Systems

In general, any software must be created specifically to run on a particular operating system or architecture. That is, you can’t install Windows applications on Apple or vise versa unless another platform version was made available. Many of the industry-leading software packages such as Adobe’s Creative Suit are readily available for Mac.

There are some exceptions to the points I have just made but I’m not going to go through them for the sake of simplicity. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment and I will be more than happy to answer them.


12 thoughts on “Apple’s Mac OS X

  1. I have a lot of friends in the college who used “past tense” apples but because of compatibility and integration problems with excel and PowerPoint they have purchased new laptops to accommodate their business life :p
    Personally I don’t like apples.

  2. thank you very much 3baid ,
    i thik this kind of devices are very developed and complicated , ma yekhtereb bser3ah ??
    why it isnt popular as much as pcs ? i guess its even more expensive than pcs ? . can i say its kind of a Professional kind of computer ?

    thank you for making it very simple . i really appreciate it

  3. But that’s a too simple post, about the differences, there could be some more :r I reached the end and was like “That’s all you’re going to say!”

    One key selling point, well the thing that made me love my mac so much was that it’s virus and crash free :r Unlike Windows ugh :r

    I want to browse the files on my PC but I don’t feel like it, because I know when I enter anything in the search it would literally take an hour to get some decent results, were as OS X Tiger especially is like Booooom! Right there before you press enter even :r

  4. Dear 3baid,

    I know you tried to keep it simple and provide links to you readers, but I would just add at the end that files are interchangeable between Windows and Mac’s.

    Powerpoint, Word and Jpeg documents work on both seamlessly. Apple users are aware that they still have to live in a “Windows” world.

    Just my 2 cents.


  5. So Blue, Apple has plans to use Intel processors (and possibly chipsets) soon, but that still doesn’t mean that you would be able to install Mac OS X on regular Intel PCs. :P

    Laialy_Q8, there is a copy of Microsoft Office for Mac and it’s compatible with the Windows version. There are other alternatives as well including Open Office which aim to standardize documents.

    Mother Courage, you’re welcome. On the contrary, Macs are very easy to use but people tend to steer clear away from anything they’re not familiar with. They are rather expensive because all the hardware is custom-built and they last for an extended amount of time. It’s not popular because Microsoft was able to strike deals with companies like IBM, Dell, HP and Gateway and have their operating system pre-installed on all the computers they sold. Recently though, some of these companies are considering Linux as an alternative.

    Jackie, I know I haven’t really talked about its features but anyone could find those on the Apple website. Macs aren’t technically virus free but to this day, nobody was successful at writing a virus for it.

    Misguided, I had thought about that actually but concluded that it would be too obvious. How else would you browse the web if Macs couldn’t read the jpgs? How would you use iTunes to listen to music if it couldn’t handle mp3s? :P

  6. I think mac became user friendly just recently, it used to be complicated and mostly used by pros … i never used one personally but the people i know who use it never recommended it 2 me until recently. They also used to complain that there aren’t available proggys for it but they say things are improving really fast.

  7. 3baid, ehem, you do know that I was gonna bump into here sometime ;)


    most analysts would agree that Macs have better stability and are less obstructive.
    -> Compared to what? Certainly not more stable than Linux…

    but that still doesn’t mean that you would be able to install Mac OS X on regular Intel PC
    -> Mac OS can be installed on PCs ;)

  8. thanks for the post 3baid :D

    So Blue, “I think mac became user friendly just recently” yeah I second that.. el compatibility kanat the main reason 3endi that’s why awal kent mestab3edta neha’eyan, but not anymore… I don’t mind getting an ibook bas mara7 a3temed 3alaih e3temad kolli, I’ll still be using my regular computers for sure since they never caused much trouble…

  9. LOL MBH! You just had to get technical ;P

    Okay so there’s a hacked version of Mac OS X that runs on x86 machines but it’s not official and it certainly won’t be common.

    If you want to avoid hacking, you could install a virtual machine and emulate a PowerPC architecture but it is EXTREMELY slow. (Pear PC)

    “Compared to what?” Relax, my post was about Macs compared to the most popular/common OS, Windows. The OS X core is Open Source Darwin so in essence, it can be just as robust as Linux, but I suppose you’ll argue about it being free ;P

    PIB, you might want to wait for Apple to announce the new rumored ibooks before getting one yourself. It’s always a good idea to keep both because you’ll never know.

  10. I have been using Mac for 3 years now, no complain of what so ever, who ever is thinking to get a mac; go for it you well never regret it, espatially office document are fully compatable ith PC’s, english ones only

    3baid do you know if there is an Arabic Microsoft office for the Mac?

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