Windows 2000 Error

While on the subject of software stability, Marina Mall had set up large LCD screens everywhere with televised advertisements. It seemed that one of the unattended PCs prompted a long error message and I couldn’t help but take a picture. From what I could read, the system was not able to reach an IP address? Anyway, this is just one of the many humiliating examples out there.


13 thoughts on “Windows 2000 Error

  1. 3baid does ur study revolve around computers, like comp engineering or programming.. or ru just madly in love?

    o ba3th el naas yaly tenaqzoon, ma tegoloon lena shgasdkom ya3ni? haa ? HAA? ;p

  2. Hattorihanzo, I resent your racist tone! Whether someone is Egyptian, Pakistani, Lebanese, American or Indian, it has nothing to do with their I.Q. level.
    Just because all of those you see here don’t understand your language, that doesn’t mean that the whole nation is dumb.
    Egyptians have nobel prize winners, Indians and Pakistani have nuclear power scientists. What does Kuwait have?
    Nothing but attitude…

  3. Jan6a, I’ve seen worse at Kuwait Cinema but I think I deleted those pictures a long time ago. :P

    Q8Sultana, LOL I hope “gizzing” isn’t the only thing you plan to do there :P

    Hattorihanzo, Windows doesn’t need someone to make a mistake, it makes them on its own!

    Temetwir, I’m not studying computers but I read as much as I can about them. I experiment with software mostly and eventually fall in love with anything that impresses me :)

    MBH, well said.

    The point that I’m trying to make is that Microsoft had once been the market dominant because there were no alternatives for consumers. But look at today’s competition:

    Google instead of MSN Search
    Firefox instead of IE
    Open Office instead of MS Office
    Mac/Linux instead of Windows
    Gmail instead of Hotmail

  4. 3baid aha.. good luck with that :)

    mbh sher6y el muroor ya dearest, hade’ mn raww3ek
    it was ENGINEER that was between parenthesis..and not EGYPTIAN

    3alamkom yal rabe3 kel wa7ed maysadeg yetssayad 3al thaany !

  5. MBH e walla saj, eshakwa lalla ! bs indians and egyptinas kelhum were great civilizations in the past , lekuwait is a very small country , how old is kuwait ? 200 years ?? no comparison at all !


  6. Mother Courage, Japan had to rebuild its civilization after the nuclear war. How long has the new civilization been active? Where are they now?
    Yesterday, I told one of my friends “You’re living in a rich dumb country, don’t expect anything.”

    Temetwir, I didn’t mean it as an attack, and whether the emphasis was on engineer or not, still, biasing I.Q. according to nationalities is wrong.

    Hattorihanzo, I just wanted to state a common mistake that almost everyone makes, not attack you in personal.

  7. yoba its not to do with IQ :)

    cheni agolek kuwaiti “ENGINEERS”
    it has to do with incompetence in that field ……… not being kuwaiti/egyptian/whatever nationality

    ya3ni chenek tegol 3enda “DEKTOORA”, ga3ed etnagez ena 3al 6al

    get it? :/

  8. mbh , u said it “rebuild its civilization”

    it was there . in our case it does not even exist… bs inshalla will


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