The Science of Videogames

I didn’t intend to blog about this but I was surprised MBH hasn’t mentioned anything. On Wednesday, there was a lecture about videogames in Khaldiya as part of a videogame contest organized by the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM).

Even though I didn’t take part, I was excited to have a serious briefing about videogame design. I don’t recall the name of the Professor who gave the presentation but here are some blurry phone pictures that I managed to take. :P

The presentation talked about the two basic models to any game: The logic (physics) and the presentation (display). It went on about artificial intelligence (AI), artificial life and how those simulations can benefit scientists. It touched on networks etc..

“Massive Multiplayer Online Games are popular”

I came out of the hall wishing I majored in videogames somehow. :/


7 thoughts on “The Science of Videogames

  1. Heh, I didn’t attend the seminar :p

    They started 1 hour late (typical non-engineer timing) and I was busy afterwards.

    As for AI, those are most designed within mytery and puzzle games (Monkey Island), while online multiplayer games depend more on the network design and infrastructure, rather than the game itself.
    I play a lot of puzzle games, but more interested in the online ones, design-wise.

    Another reason I didn’t cover this, is that I just posted a long technical post, which may drive what’s left of my readers (all two of them! :P) away! tehehe.

  2. I think AI is a very broad word and can be used to describe many things.
    The definition I role with is: AI represent activities computer’s perform better than humans. In a game a lot of the activity is triggered by a human thus it does not use AI

  3. Dear 3baid,

    The VideoGame Industry is Huge Now. With profits rivaling Hollywood blockbusters.

    There are a lot of things you can majot in such as 3d art, programming, etc that can help you land a job in that industry. For real.

    My bro, who never finished his major in engineering is now working for a one of the biggest telecommunication companies in North America. He is an expert in VoIP.

    He started in the computer labs in khaldiya, and published a lot of work for himself online (open-source) in internet security. He was 19 when he picked up this hobby and developed it independantly by reading books and attending seminars. He is now done good for himself.

    If you like something so much, you will excel. My family used to yell at him to get off his computer and study… he never listened and look at him now!


  4. You’re still young, you still have time to study whatever makes you happy…

    It’s pretty cool that they have so many events going on in Kuwait these days, as your and other people’s blogs show…

  5. hi :D
    ma test7y dash presentation taking pics :| . . GR8 TOPIC its a shame i did not hear abt it :(
    ps its me q8ana changed my blog name

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