Desktop Tag!

Since I’m busy with college, I won’t be writing much until I’m done with deadlines. For now though, I’m starting tag: post what your desktop looks like and don’t change anything unless there’s something personal that you wish to keep private.

3baid’s current desktop: very simple and tidy :P

I’m tagging: Blasha, So Blue, Flamingoliya, GiGi, NWMH, SheWolf, Shopaholic Q8eya, and MBH.

To take a screenshot in Windows, press the PrtScr button and then open Paint and paste (Edit > Paste) it there and save as JPG.


16 thoughts on “Desktop Tag!

  1. Jackie, I wanted to give priority to bloggers who haven’t made any recent posts and hope that they pass the tags to you and all the other bloggers :)

    PIB, thank you. I like a clean desktop but I have messy files within my folders. If I needed anything I just search (Spotlight) and that’s how I find my stuff.

    So Blue, LOL! Laish busted, shimsawya? ;P

    Laialy, it’s calm most of the time but I change the background depending on my mood :)

  2. ooohh cool… i have Windows and the desktop is a mess… i don’t know how u can live with a CLEAN desktop hehe

    when i have my great-ly messy desktop, i feel extremely busy and important lol

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