"Who wants icecream?"

Spot the fake Galaxy bar :/


13 thoughts on “"Who wants icecream?"

  1. I don’t know.. I don’t care! Just give me ICE-CREAM!! .. Hey did you ever see that Eddie Murphy standup bit about ice-cream? “You got no ice-cream! You got no ice-cream! Because your father’s from the.. Welfare!!” :P

  2. 3baid: the one right below the galaxy vanilla bar :/

    7tenths: Raw, Eddie Murphy! I love that!!! “That ain’t no McDonawd’s Bu-gah!”

  3. Jan6a: I was pointing out that the two icecream bars are almost identical with different packaging.

    Stallion: Lulu is one of my favorites :]

    Hussa-g: One kitkat coming up!

    7tenths: LOL! Yeah, I’ve seen that a long time a go, I’m surprised you recall his standups :P

    Shopaholic: tastey no? :]

    MSB: Read what I said to Jan6a :P

    Mother Courage: I don’t know, I only care about the taste :P

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