20 thoughts on “Parking Courtesy

  1. lol is this at alraya ? , Hmmmm madry bas what pisses me off the most is when lazy bumms block my car just to save themselves a few steps !! .. The other day wa7da 9akarat 3alay for 30 mins and it turned out to be a 4o ish lady :| ba6at chabdy :| shafahim fyyha :|

  2. Niice mini :P, hehehe no just kidding… its stupid!! WHY?! i mean even etha mako cars… So? that does’nt allow you park it like its ur streeeeeet :P …

  3. I believe that the approach of “Noisy Key” or “Key-on-Paint” is very much effective in leaving a message to such drivers.

    Another addition to the approach mentioned above is to check whether someone is watching, if not, then empty the tyres: The front left and the back right.
    Why those? Cuz the driver sits at the left.

    Have fun & spread vandalism.

  4. i hate when ppl do that.. esp. at school when im running late to class and there’s no parking spots in sight… then i see a car taking TWO spots!!! grrrrrr!!!

    but to be honest with you… i still dont know how to parallel park! is that normal? hehehe

    take care…….*_*

  5. 3baid, do what I do. I get so pissed that if I am not in a hurry I wait for the person and lectures him when he comes back. If I have no time then I leave him a nasty note. The other day I was at NBK jabreya and an idiot took THREE parking spots while there were no parking at all! I waited and waited but the lucky bastrad didn’t show up. I didn’t have a pen, I went and bought a noted and a pen and wrote him this long nasty note.

    he would still do it anyways but I felt better ;P

  6. Nonaw, my point exactly :)

    Shopaholic Q8eya, I don’t have time to lecture people who can’t park like civilians.

    This was taken in Mishref btw.

  7. Those people who park this way think not only that they own the streets, but that they are parking masters and everyone else doesn’t know how to park. The other thing is if that they’ve parked this way just to run for a quick job and return, I’d understand. but you will probably see them in a cafe somewhere giggling away while others who need the space for an urgent matters are getting the jitters..

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