College Suffocation

My sleeping schedule needs to be dealt with as soon as possible; I’ve skipped so many lectures it’s getting ridiculous. All the while, my finals are rapidly approaching and I can’t seem to be able to get back to my ‘productive self’ yet. I suppose I could try to clear my mind and focus on priorites, but unfortunatly life doesn’t have a pause button! :/


22 thoughts on “College Suffocation

  1. mbh:

    It actually does exist in mine.

    3baid, tell me about it! I’m suffering as much as you are my friend and I just cannot do something about it. It drives me so crazy.. My exams on 17th of January, and I’m way too far behind and my hands are tied :(

  2. Temetwir, lol!
    In order to achieve certain goals, one must give more than expected; Social life is a good example!!

    Life goes like this :: You swim with the swarm, you live; You don’t swim with the swam, you perish.
    So, it kinda forces itself upon you (sometimes?).

  3. MBH, You don’t need to buy a life, I’ll give you mine for free :P

    Thanks for letting me know about the link, I’ll fix it now. The buttons, I’ve done myself. You can use them if you want and I have the source code (template) for them ;)

  4. once you start getting some work done..things will swing back into their place. Don’t worry, everyone feels this way closer to exams time..

    Good luck with finals..

  5. Okay for some reason… I came to the conclusion that you do not live in Kuwait (even though it reads Kuwait in your profile) Madry shaku so don’t ask haha but now I know better :P Since everybody mentioned the pause button I guess it’s mandatory so here we go “pause button“. Yalla shid 7aylik! Merry Christmas 3baid ^_^

    wv – fntsiy – fantasy! I’m so proud of myself… again shaku haha

  6. 3baid,
    We all went through that phaze. And somehow it finds its way right b4 finals. GREAT luck. And a have a great New year :)


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