New-Age Thinking

I’ve been wanting to post about this for a long time now but I haven’t had the chance until now. While channel surfing the other day, I came across one of Dubai’s not-so-famous channels and watched an old Kuwaiti TV show called, “Ela Abee Wa Ommy ma3a-ta7ayiah” (Greetings To My Mother and Father?). I haven’t seen that show before but after a breif moment I came to realize how much of our culture had changed:

The first thing that caught my attention was what the actors were wearing. Even though their clothes weren’t revealing, the cosy pajamas (dara3at) bring in a very private atmosphere to the scene. If we compare this set with something similar from today’s “drama shows”, the question of how degrading/embarrassing/taboo it must be to appear in public television looking like that arises.

Here’s Khalid Al-Nifisi in his sleeping dishdasha

and Abdulrahman Al-Agil in his.

Huda Hussain watching TV.

Typically on today’s shows, teenage girls always have secret boyfriends who converse through mobile/SMS. The directors believe that this element supposedly takes the show to the realms of “reality TV”. In my honest opinion, the scene with Huda simply watching TV is much more realistic because it feels tremendously natural and believable.

Sahar Hussain

Hayat Al-Fahad comforting her son.

Here’s something else you don’t see on today’s shows: kissing! Obviously I’m not talking about grown-ups but rather the “motherly love” elements in drama. We often see parents hugging or holding their children but kissing is very rare even though it’s almost an involuntary action in real life. Instead, directors sill prefer yelling, slapping and crying to deliver on suspense and promote violence because it’s “reality”. Do they even realize that kids watch their shows? :/

A better shot of Hayat Al-Fahad.

With 2006 approaching, I couldn’t help but think about the differences between past and present. Read my Grandparents Talk post if you haven’t done so and then compare them with some words of today:

“Gez” – New word with no past equivalent.
“Maleeq” – New version of bayi’7, momil or sa’7eef.
“Yabeela” – New version of mishtihy or widdy.
“Ticowwib” – New version of an8il (make a copy of).
“Ay Shay” – Overly used phrase to express shock, surprise or disbelief.
“Turi8em/Te’6ebbu6/Messij” – Appeared after the “mobile phone revolution”. (Giving your number to someone)
“Chayyik” – New version of shoof or 6ali3 (check it out).

Will 2006 and beyond bring about a different kind of thinking? Who knows. Happy new year for now anyway :P


17 thoughts on “New-Age Thinking

  1. allaaaaah that was one of the best TV shows back then! kenna entab3a on a daily basis eb qimmat el endemaj :D

    wekhtelaf 6ar7 el mashakel eli etshofa bain mosalsalat awal o now is normal… estejadat 3ala mojtama3ek wayed ashya’ addat ela hal taghyeer wawwalha el satellite wel internet wel mobiles eli 9arat eb eed lezgheer gabel lekbeer o ghairha o ghairha… y3ni absa6 methal a36eek eyah enni lo amsek yahel 3mra 10 wasolef weyah akteshef enna e3arf stuff I never knew when I was his/her age! which scares me wanbeher eb nafs el wagt.. y3ni jad mashof fehom el bara’ah eli el mafrooth etkon eb yahel eb hal sen, yahhal hal wagt mo 3aysheen 6ofolat’hom o yabon yekberon ebser3a.. 3agelhom sabeg senhom leanhom enfat7ow 3ala wayed ashya’ just too soon which is sad, very sad…

    btw the name of the actor in the 2nd photo is Khalid Al-Nifisi and the actress in the 5th photo is Sa7ar Hussaain (Huda’s sister)

  2. tottaly agree with you …
    laish ya3ny el lebs chethe in the tv shows, now even if the girl wants to go to sleep lazim full make-up wela matman :S …

    lol yeah i know those words wayed people yst3mlonhoum …

    5oosh post walla :P

  3. I love old TV Shows, I hate the new ones so much, anything made in the year 2000 is simply too “ugh”. I can’t describe the feeling but its like that.

    Oh well loved this post really!

  4. I loved this post!
    I love old Kuwaiti Tv shows.
    My favourites are:
    Dars Kh9oo9y
    Khalty Gmasha
    3ela il Dinya il Salam
    Rgaya o Sbeecha

    Those were the days!

  5. Glad you all liked it :)
    I think most of us would agree that old shows are so much better than today’s. I think what Jackie was trying to say was that the new shows are too artificial?

  6. Even though Im not too familiar with Kuwaiti soaps (I used to watch the ones they show on KTV2 with subtitles around 10 at night), I think this was a really cool post :o)

  7. Yeah I always felt old Kuwaiti tv shows were much classier, the new ones are always about finding a new wife, beating up your children, etc. :P

  8. Yea I guess that’s what I meant to say LOL ehehehe but also that new tv shows have the “puke” factor. A very ugly factor I guess.

  9. what a beautiful post 3baid. We grew up with this show, I still remember how eager we were for the next episode, and I agree with your sociopolitical comments here :)
    Things were more real becasue banning was not practiced as much, the more you enforce restrictions, the faker things become
    Happy New Year

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