Project Finally Done

Mind the wires, we’ve been working on our project for a whole week!

Basically it’s a vending machine control unit that accepts up to 200 fils and lets you select any of 3 different products and notifies you of change (through switches and LEDs). It took quite a while to get it functioning on the chip but it was fun even though it was mostly frustrating with the outdated software.

Quote of the month: “There’s no place like” (a PC’s local address)


14 thoughts on “Project Finally Done

  1. certain things make me feel stupid, this being one of them! looks like just wires to me!

    i put money in, i get candy out. that’s all i know!!

    congrats on being done :)

  2. I assume you used the “legacy” MaxPlusII… Do humanity a favor and download Quartus 5.1 from Altera’s website. You’ll need it for next courses ;)

    Oh and btw, “working on our project for a whole week!
    You really cracked me with that one … no offense, but a week is nothing but a child’s play, even for 200 level.
    Wait till you take the Embeded Systems’ course.
    Took my team a whole month to finish the design and download it to the stinky chip. But it was mostly dealing with MaxPlus’s crap.
    Quartus is much more smooth.

    One more thing :: I liked your project.. I saw the project sillybus with some dudes ;)

    Have fun & keep up the good work

  3. I knew it! I always wanted that ring tone. We have the same phones at work but it does not come with that ring tone. I want I want! :)

  4. Nice project .. you should post the schematics here.

    As for Knoppix, I usually boot auditor (off of CD) at the computer stores; Then run ethereal and leave.

    As for the ‘sky high unemployment rates’, thats bullshit. If you are good at what you do and willing to work .. you can get a job (take it from me).

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