Knoppix at Virgin Megastore

Someone booted a Fujitsu Siemens laptop with Knoppix 4.0 (a live Linux OS distribution) at the Virgin Megastore today. It’s believed that they used a USB flash drive. Impressive no? :)


10 thoughts on “Knoppix at Virgin Megastore

  1. So you’re saying someone other than the Virgin Mega store employees did this? And what would be their purpose?

  2. love linux ,, and macs ,, yes windows sucks ,,

    3baid ,, love your blog truly ,,
    what could be better than drama and technology ???

    Total Bliss !

  3. Thank you so much bb, and welcome :)

    It wasn’t me! That’s why I was happy, cuz someone out there is all about Linux :P

  4. too blaack… bs nice i guess…

    why’s the Word Verification so mean!?!?!!

    wv: cyrap (so it’s somebody saying crap with an accent wela shinoo)

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