Experience Dump

Ugly Limo.

“Meow. Perhaps you could offer some assistance?”

“You see, my husband left me and I have two kids to feed.”

Still expensive at Al-Muthanna.

“..yes, I’ll go for the wikipedia salad please.”

23 thoughts on “Experience Dump

  1. Nonaw, yes very cute, very dirty kitties :P
    I guess you didn’t recognize the Bleach characters.

    Photoflow, I’ve seen cuter pandas, but if you like this one so much.. ;P

  2. cuteeee stray kitties! very dirty though :[ ge6hom 3alay azahleg’hom wasawelhom makeover then aredhom lek :D

    that shop at Al-Muthanna complex, I just have to go there! kelma baroo7 etteladdad for some reason :s

  3. q8sultana, they’re stray but not around my house unfortunately.

    PIB, lol! You can keep them, I’m not allowed to have cats :P The Al-Muthanna shop is nothing special, but you could go see it if you’re bored I guess..

    Jackie, I know :]

  4. LOL @ car i wonder who would buy a thing like that !!
    LOL @ cats I LOVE THEM /me sings “smelly cat smelly cat what r they feeding u, smelly caat smellly cat its not ur faaulllttt”

  5. LoooooooooooooooooL
    Wiki Wiki
    te5ayal when someone asks for it:
    yes please i want a wiki salad

  6. cute kitty… amma el limo 5a6eeerah la a7ad ya7sedic 3aleha 5ishha…loool funny comments… keeep going “3baid”

  7. I don’t remember the name of the restaurant, I think it’s called Kon-Tiki? It’s the one in SAS Hotel.

    7tenths, LOL, there were weirder names trust me :P

    Fantasia, thank you :)

  8. Interesting pics…the limo definately has to go…the kittens were cute..and the salad…well…I still haven’t been to that restaurant…but I’ll most likely order the wiki wiki just out of curiousity…it’s just a ceasar salad…how wiki can it be?!..:)

  9. Ewww .. that limo stinks!

    ICHIGO!! .. not a fan of figures though…
    btw, I saw a shop selling anime figs at Muhallab too .. first floor (not ground) if I’m not mistaken.

    LOL @ Wiki!

    Been having fun, aih? How’re finals?

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