Weird Tag

Photoflow tagged me, so here’s what’s weird about me I suppose:

  • If I have an exam, I have to finish everything I want to do before studying. Sometimes this results in me ‘creating’ irrelevant tasks to occupy myself such as: rearranging room, buying things I’ve wanted but didn’t have the time to get, organizing the contents of our fridge and tossing expired products, sorting the files on my PC, getting a haricut, or simply getting another bag of chocolate.
  • I had a habit of removing the straw off the old KDD juices boxes without removing its cover. This isn’t possible now because the straws on the current boxes are bent and require that you rip the entire packaging to get the straw. I was taught this by a girl from my class since infant 3 (Year 1?)
  • Similarly to Jan6a, I associate some numbers with colors and shapes. For example, 0 is black, 1 is a white line, 2 is red, 3 is a green triangle and four is a blue square, 5 is a yellow circle, numbers beyond this don’t have colors/shapes.
  • Similarly to Jan6a again, I have a lead dot, but it’s on my left hand and I got it when I tried to poke a pencil to set a wrist watch, and missed obviously. :/

I tag Blasha, Sou, PIB, Design, So Blue, Nonaw, NuNu, Q8Sultana, and Waterlilie.


17 thoughts on “Weird Tag

  1. That’s one of my exam rituals. I clean/organize the room i’m studying in and I take a shower :P

    I do that intentionally so that I don’t give myself an excuse later to get away from studying.

  2. Me too i waste my time when i have midterms or final exams by taking out all my clothes from my cabinet and rearrange them…mako she’3el.

  3. MBH, agreed!

    Jandeef, yes taking showers helps :)

    jan6a, yea two things! Amazing! ;P

    Photoflow, oh hush or I’ll haunt you in your freaky dreams >:]

    Fantasia, I’d that except my clothes are already arranged well :P (I don’t have a lot of clothes)

  4. Hey I used to do that KDD straw thing too! That’s not weird, it’s practical! :P Not so sure about the number/colour association though.. (looks away) :P

  5. I never gave up trying to get the straw out without having to rip it off the package. I sometimes am able to do that with the new packaging, although I admit its not as easy as it used to be. Maybe this makes this habit more interesting? should try it

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