Connection Timeout

I know it’s been a while since my last post but that’s because my internet connection has been is still going through a wild roller coaster ride. It started when there was an a fire incident with Fast Telco which put me offline for 3 days followed by a 0.3k transfer rate for almost another 4 days. Strangely I was able to use instant messaging during that time. It seems that my bandwidth is back now but I still get random timeouts and frustrating connection resets.

I have so much blog-catching up to do; 304 posts to be exact. If you’re wondering what I’ve been doing during all this downtime, it’s been watching Arrested Development, 24 and playing Animal Crossing. I thought I was playing it too seriously until I saw this posted in my brother’s room:

Quote of the Month: “How is adding neon lights under a car, called an ‘upgrade’?”


14 thoughts on “Connection Timeout

  1. Thank you Flamingoliya, I’m not really “back” yet, it’s still slow and unstable.

    Temetwir, ever heard of RSS? Newsfeeds? Atom Subscriptions? XML Syndications? hint

  2. Welcome back dude, Arrsted Development is da bomb! Hey did you know they’re selling that thing Jobe rides around on in Virgin?! Well at least they were at some point.. As for Animal Crossing, I’ve had it for aaages, but have feared started playing it because I know how that game will totally dominate over my life!! Just like your brother has demonstrated :P

  3. Misguided, Mother Courage, Swair, Nunu, So Blue, Nonaw: Thanks everyone it’s good to be back :D

    7tenths, I was playing Animal Crossing DS not the GameCube version. The DS version is more adictive because you can play with friends online!

    As for the numbers:
    In the game, a shop owner called Tom Nook will buy items from you and gives you a different price for turnips each day. To be successful at selling turnips, you have to figure out which day does Tom Nook offer the highest price! My brother was keeping a record of the prices on his board. There are other methods to make money but I suppose he was too immersed into the game :P

    By the way the game works in real time, meaning if you’re playing in the morning the sky is bright but if you play at 11:30 PM the stars are up and the shop closes.

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